Monday, September 22, 2008

Decibel Festival and More

I feel like I'm out of the loop. Probably because I have been...

However, with the big Girl Power Hour 1 Year Anniversary (everybody loves) Glitter Party out of the way, I can now get back to business.

I can now concentrate on other things.

Things like...all the amazing electronic music headed our way in the upcoming weeks. Shows including but not limited to:

The Decibel Festival - September 25th-28th @ Various locations
Infected Mushroom - September 26th @ Showbox Sodo
Mark Farina - October 2nd - @ Last Supper Club
ATB - October 3rd - @ Showbox Sodo
Freak Night 12 - October 31st - @ Wamu Theatre

I've been waiting a long time just for this time of year. When most Seattleites are covering up and cursing the weather, I'm gearing up for just the opposite. Packed dance floors and good music always call for less clothing. And thank god. No one likes to see a gal in a full winter get-up gracing the dance floor. No, this is the time of year for phat pants (aka: wide-leg pants), cute tops and dancin' flats. Yes, I'll be there and I'll be ready for all the great talent preparing to take our slumbering post-summer city by storm.

Great talent like Deadmau5 and 100 others at the 5th Annual Decibel Festival - Seattle's equivalent to Miami's Winter Music Conference.

Great talent like Paul Van Dyk, the Crystal Method and DJ Icey at USC's (United Stats of Consciousness) 12th annual Freak Night.

Talent like the West Coast House legend supreme Mark Farina at LSC and the prolific production of ATB at Showbox Sodo. Yes, kids, we're in for some GOOD times.

Today is the firs day of Autumn, and today I can't WAIT to get movin.....literally.

Won't you join me?**Look who I ran into on my Birthday of all days back in June at the Showbox? One half of the Crystal Method. Check out the Crystal Method at Freak Night on October 31st at the Wamu Theatre.

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