Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching up from UFN forward...

I have yet to catch up from the past few weeks, but please know that a lot has gone on...

I played a four and a half hour set at the Urban Fashi
on Network party on August 22nd before heading to Vegas the next morning. While I was playing the longest set of my life thus far (no joke), all I could think about was the fact that my plane left at 8:05am the next morning.

Well, that is until the multiple glasses of pink champagne kicked in. It also helped that my set was well-constructed enough to carry me through such a long period of time. I went to the event straight from work with nary a touch up - unless you count my "$10-dollars-for-three-blocks-because-the-cab-drive-didn't-have-change-for-a-cab-ride" swift lip gloss and eyeliner re-application a "touch-up," well, then I was all good.

Thankfully, I barely caught a buzz all night, due to the copious amounts of water I took in between sips of my savory beverage. By the time Karma started hoping at 10pm, I was going on my 4th hour. Never had I imagined ever playing for so long, but once I had that fourth hour under my belt and the place started to get crowded with the usual Friday night energy and crowd, I was ready to continue rocking it. So ready that I barely remember getting a text from a friend that said that they had just received a text from a friend that I was blowing it up at Karma....did that really just happen?

*Photo by Brentography

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