Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Platinum Saves The Day

Thank god for Platinum Records. Not only are they the only place to purchase decent vinyl in the city, but, they also repair equipment. Score!

I mentioned the other week that one of my TT's was damaged in a move from my house to an event. According to Mark at Platinum who has worked on over 600 TT's (damn), it was a short in the pitch control.

Exactly what we thought it was.

Although I was secretly scared that it would end up being something much worse....(I had visions of having to purchase a whole new turntable - which would have been very upsetting since the TT's are only 4 years old and frankly, one of the reasons one buys Technics in the first place is that they last forever. Plus, I'd rather spend $500 on equipment upgrades, not downgrades for godsake!)

...Luckily, the damage was minimal and so was the cost to fix it: $49.99 for an hour's worth of work. Now I can relax and start working on my set(s) for the Seafair Cruise happening this Sunday.

So, let's just pray the weather cooperates....

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