Monday, July 21, 2008

Bastille Day and a Broken Pitch Control

I haven't had a chance to discuss my DJ'ing philosophies yet, but I figure we've got time. In fact, before we get started, please note that I'm working on a highlighted photo montage of some of my other DJ'ing gigs over the past year. In the meantime, let's talk about Bastille Day at Le Pichet a week ago Monday.

First off, I'm not sure why I accepted a gig on a Monday night starting at 11pm and ending at 2am when I had to be to work sometime between 8am and 9am the next day...but I did. It's not like I'm 20 years old anymore for god sake. Which is exactly why I have strict rules like...not playing on the Eastside on a "school night," or, not taking my equipment to house parties or any other parties, or, only committing to playing exclusive parties and events for reasons that may appear greedy, but make perfect sense to me.

But, it was Bastille Day after all, and according to my good buddy Cedric Ross, booking agent for this event and Community Relations Manager for, this was the party of the year. Well, that and....(payday was top notch - not like we're keeping score here). Plus, it was good exposure and something I hadn't done before.

But I digress...

Let's get to the heart of the matter here. That matter being that I broke one of my tried and true rules.

How dare I!

I brought my equipment to the venue. Something I said I would never do mere moments ago! Not setting a good example here, am I? No. No, I pulled a fast one on myself and packed up my equipment in a classic Turntable Coffin and hot-footed myself down to Le Pichet after picking up DJ Jeromy Nail on the way. We had planned to split the 3 hour shift, and I planned to split my paycheck.

No biggie.

I was just happy that I wasn't going at this alone. That is...until we got there. Not only was it packed at 11pm on this Monday night (SO unexpected), BUT, turns out, one of my Technics MK5's had gotten "jarred" along the way. Yep, Jeromy and I were stuck with one turntable that had pitch control and one that didn't.


Just so you know, it's pretty much impossible to mix records in this situation. OK, not impossible, but EXTRA complicated. I couldn't help but think this was happening because I had broken one of my cardinal DJ rules. And I also couldn't help but wonder how we were going to get through this.

Then I realized that everyone was wasted. They were none the wiser. Thank god...

**So...this is the point where I'd like to upload more pictures, but, seemingly, I haven't quite figured out how to do that. Apparently, I'm just not good at technology.... ;)

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Fred Roth said...

I'll help you with the photos. Let me know when.

Regarding your pitch control work around; I agree that peeps were drunk and likely weren't concerned with the work around as long as the music was blasting. But I have to say, I think you're not giving you and Jeremy enough credit here. I mean, in effect, you troubled yourself to fade in and out with as little gap as possible. And you were drinking wine too!!! I'm just saying that shit ain't easy and you both did a kick ass job.

I'm off my soapbox now.